Wire Mesh Weight Calculation Formula

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Wire Mesh Weight Calculation Formula

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D: wire diameter(mm)     Mesh: opening number per. inch                
L: length(m)                        W: wigth(m)

All weight are in units of kilograms

   W= D×D×0.01234×L ÷2

welded wire mesh
   W=D×D×mesh ×L × W÷2
   Refers to: stainless steel welded mesh, steel welded wire mesh
                   stainless steel square mesh, steel square mesh

3. copper wire mesh
   W= D×D×mesh ×L × W÷2×1.13
    bronze wire mesh
   W= D×D×mesh ×L × W÷2×1.09 

chain link fence
   W= D×D×1.29÷opening(cm)

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