On Wall - Passive Magnetic Concealed Sensor Cable

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volume of 1.5m' all around the top of the wall. The detection is completely passive based on the principle of Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD). The Pole Detection system can be installed on the side of the wall, bottom of a wall or even embedded inside the wall as totally concealed. All global or local disturbances are filters out by advance adaptive algorithms.
The outstanding system features are as following:
Full concealed and passive.
Suitable to all weather conditions.
With minimum false alarms due to environment conditions.
No nuisance alarms due to stray animals.
Very low false alarm rate and highly sensitive.
Detect an intruder carrying or wearing ferromagnetic object.
Built-in self-test for all system components.
Computerized test unit.
Low maintenance costs.
Long life system.
HWS version connects to any standard alarm panel.
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