On Wall - Outdoor perimeter security - Climb Detection

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A Sensor Cable installed on barbed wires stretched on "v" Shape construction on top of a wall or on any other type of barrier as a Anti-Climbing detection system with or without concertina as a delay barrier.

The Anti - Climb Detection based on Sensor Cable provides maximum flexibility and can be deployed on almost any type of perimeter barrier anti-climbing element such as:
  • Barbed or Razor wire Coil.
  • Taut Wire (Barbed wire, Razor wire or steel wire).
  • Mash fence.
  • Welded fence.
The anti-climb Detection barrier providing high detection level with very low false and nuisance alarms.

The automatic adaptive mechanism gives the Anti - climb Detection system ability to optimize the sensitivity to the highest possible level in most of the operation time without compromise on the false alarm rate.

Whenever an intrusion attempt is made by displacing, lifting, climbing or cutting any of smart security sensor cables that connected to the Anti - climb barrier, the system will generate an alarm.

Sensor Cable characteristics
Low frequency Strain Relief Sensor Cable based on copper cable technology with heavy-duty outer jacket, black PVC UV protected, for direct burial underground and outdoor installation. Each Detection channel can handle up to 1200m' of Sensor Cable
  • Very high breach detection probability coupled with very low false alarm rate.
  • Can be deployed on: decorative fence, mesh fence, concertina, barbed wire, wall, taut wire fence.
  • Cost - effective operation.
  • Very Easy installation, Plug & Play automatic calibration.
  • Very low maintenance no mechanics or electro mechanics parts, base on pure electronic.
  • Built-in self-test for all system components.
  • HWS version connects to any standard alarm panel.
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