DaMarcus Smith on the Fence with Louisville?

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If you haven't already heard, Charlie Strong has gotten a huge commitment from 5 Star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from Florida. He is rated the #2 dual threat QB in the nation. Louisville also has a commitment from the top quarterback in Kentucky, Louisville Seneca's DaMarcus Smith. I got a chance to talk to DaMarcus on the phone today and asked him about the commitment of Bridgewater and how it effects his commitment.

Q. DaMarcus, What do you think about the commitment of Teddy Bridgewater?

DaMarcus: I don't really mind it. I'm a competitor and I was kind of aware that Coach Strong was bringing someone in. It makes me eager and ready to compete.

Q Does this make you think about decommitting?

DaMarcus: Yes Sir I have. Not recently, but the commitment of Bridgwater has made me have thoughts about it. I have been thinking about seeing what other schools could offer. This really makes me think about it more.

Q:What schools have kept in touch lately?

DaMarcus: Alot of schools have been contacting me.Chip Kelly from Oregon, Boise State, and Illinois have been in touch the most.

Q: Have there been any Kentucky interest?

DaMarcus: Joker and I have a cool relationship, and even when I committed to Louisville he said we could always stay close during college and beyond. I also have a very close friend that graduated from Kentucky, Keenan Burton, and he has told me a lot of great things about joker and Kentucky. I will have to check out the quarterback situation at Kentucky and go from there.

Q: There was a rumor that you and Bridgewater were cousins, is that true?

DaMarcus: No, that isn't true. My dad knows his dad really well so our families are very good friends, but we are not cousins.

Q:If you had to rate your commitment with Louisville right now, how would you rate it?

DaMarcus: I will always try to stay humble and modest and say that with Teddy committing it really has opened my eyes a little bit. I would have to say I am leaning towards a soft commit with Louisville.

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