Hebei Anjia Wire Net Weaving Co., Ltd. have the best professional management team, we have experienced production directors in the production sector's, product from raw material procurement to finished product, production, inception, packaging and other areas all have more than 10 years of valuable experience, they are holding unique insight for different products, to leading the production team strictly control the efficiency and accuracy from production to inventory, which is to ensure product quality. They are wire valuable resources of Anjia Wire Mesh.

       In the sales department we also have experienced sales directors, they locate both in Hebei head office and Guangzhou branch, leading the strong sales team to trade in long-term cooperation with clients around the world.

       With professional dedication, Anjia’s outstanding professional team pursues sophisticated techniques while making continuous efforts in expanding application range of the products, and optimizing the cost-performance ratio for the products. Establishing a well-recognized global brand, and achieving sales success one after another.