'Control the details of the wire mesh to be world-class enterprise’ - Hebei Anjia

       Enterprise is the tree, the brand is the fruit of this tree, details are the tree branches and leaves, by giving up the details is equivalent of the removal of leaves and branches, trees no longer produce delicious fruits. Details determine success or failure.

       Create first-class brand is one that we always adhere to the objectives of Anjia. As a 'pioneer' the of domestic wire mesh industry, Hebei Anjia always stand at the forefront of market development and customer service with passion and sincerity to impress clients, leading wire mesh industry trends and customers to build up long-term relationship, keep making progress.

       To build up the brand image with qualified wire mesh and fence products, set up the trade bridges with our credibility. ' International leading brands of Wire Mesh and fence' reflects the self-confidence of Anjia people.